Over the years as I have been playing howrse I have gone through the typical phases of near addiction and resentment towards the virtual gaming experience it offered me. Many things have really bugged me about the game, but I perservered and decided that I liked the game enough to stick with it even if it didn't always feel fair. The advantages pass buyers get from their seemingly ocean deep credit accounts used to make me feel like the game was rigged so that only adults with nothing better to do with their wages and kids with rich parents could get ahead in the rankings and get the best of everything... Its true. These people get what they want in the game, but those of us who would rather spend our well earned money on more practical items, such as car payments and clothing, we tend not to see how our own choice has been beneficial to us. Much like in life the game of howrse is broken down into a certain social structure: The rich players, the newbies, the experienced, the collectors, and the blissfully unaware players wh otend to ignore the rankings and latest updates. Those at the top lose time and money they could be using to make a difference in their lives and the world, those who refrain from the over the top spending get to have fun on the game and keep their money! We are the ones who can play for years and not get bored with our divines that do nothing and the massive amount of virtual passes and money we have accumulated. We get to keep trying to progress, the point of the game, and to stay in a zone of fun and challenge those who pay don't get. In the end we are better off because we can truly appreciate the hard work it takes to put into the game and we can relish in the enjoyment we get from it.  I encourage you to not get discouraged by pass buying, karma multiplying, top 20 players who go on without the fun we experience, just enjoy it and eventually the e and passes will follow with a sense of pride in your accomplishment that is absent for those who pay their way to the top...


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