Heyyyyyyyy Guyyyyys,

Enough with the over exaggerated spellings and now on to the main point of this here blog post...
As I have been encouraging you all to get involvd with the site, I have failed to provide you with many ways to do so. So, in an effort to correct this issue I am offering two new ways to jump in! 

1. Email Kjumper at ilah.team@live.com
2. Post in Kjumper's e.c. forum on howse
as well as the same old ways to participate
3. Pm a team member today!

So the team and I all hope that these new ways to submit information, articles, questions, and comments will b useful to you! And please, may we again encouage you to participate!

Also, now we are offring the oppotnity for you to all ask the team any howrse or horse related questions! These will be featured in the players blog and can even ask about the team's history with horses and howrse. With any participation we will also be offering a free mystery banner for your howrse page! So please take part!


The usual blogs will resume after this post! Thanks for sticking with us! You are very appreciated!
So, I don't know if anyone is actually out there, taking the time to read my blog... I know not many comment (which does make me feel more inclined to blog), but I will continue to anyways. I know many of you out there have probably seen, or at least heard, of the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' and it is also a book for those of you who like to cozy up to one every once in a while. Well, in my opinion it is one of the most inspiring pieces to come to the big screen in years. The idea that sometimes you have to learn how to over indulge and to find what make you happy, then to learn how to give to others and to dedicate yourself to something, specifically your faith, then to take what you have learned and find balance in your life. I have found it so inspiring in fact that I have decided to try my own version this summer.

My point is I will be trying to at least keep you updated on my adventures and findings, since there isn't too much else to write about. And for those of you who may find this interesting enough to read, you are appreciated.

So far I have already been to New York for a week, experiencing the big city. And I have also been on a mission trip to the middle of no where in Tennessee learning how to give back. I will let you know my findings as I desciver them myself, starting in the next blog. For now, enjoy this little tidbit of wisdom!