Thank you for reading, I am going to paste in some information about a summer mission I am going on and I would really love for you guys to prayerfully consider helping me out! I leave in 10 days!

This summer, I have an unbelievable opportunity to take part in a summer mission project sponsored by Cru. I will be going with approximately 50 other students to Miami, Florida. 

You might be asking, "Why Miami?" Good question! Opportunities to share God’s love abound as vacationers and college students flood Miami in the summer. In fact, one of the reasons this project started back in 2002 was to help reach college students in and around the Miami area. We will have the opportunity to talk with students from universities like University of Miami, Florida International, Florida Atlantic and others around Miami. 

This project will also help me be more effective in ministry at UAB and for the rest of my life! In addition to opportunities to share Christ with others, we will spend time studying the Bible, learning about teamwork and leadership, and developing skills to help others grow in their faith. The schedule on project is demanding, and my faith will be stretched as I do things I’ve never done before.

I am so excited to take part in this unique and significant opportunity, but I can’t do it alone. I am currently seeking out local churches to help sponsor me, and I need your help! The total cost for the project is $2950, which covers housing, food, and project program expenses. I must have all my expenses paid by May 29th. I wanted to ask if you would prayerfully consider helping to underwrite these expenses with a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100 or even $250? Of course, any amount the Lord leads you to give would be appreciated!

Online donations are taken at www.ccci.org/give using the code 5647447.

And please email me at kaitlynh@uab.edu if you would like more information or to pa

So, as many of you know I have been with howrse since the first month of its U.S. release in 2007 (I chose to restart my game). Those were the days where there were very few Ga coats, only the basic horse breeds, and players knew one another. Back then horses only had 350-400 skills and it took a long time to reach 1000. Since those times it seems like the increase of skills is unlimited and constantly coming faster and faster. 
Today, as you all know and can see skills are almost to 2400! That's higher than the divines, by a lot. Its crazy to see the rapid growth of the game and I personally think its becoming a tad ridiculous how Howrse isn't trying to implement a way to slow down the insane increase of skills. Something needs to be done to reign in the skills or part of the fun 

Please let us know what you think about the topic by leaving a comment below! 
Hey everyone! I know its been ages! Honestly I haven't found too much that's interested me with howrse recently. I mean, if you've been on recently you know that Howrse is hosting the lottery, again. It seems everything they do now-a-days is the same old, same old to get pass sales up. They changed it up a little to where people with tons of e can buy more tickets this time, but I don't really hold a position on that aspect. And, of course, the prizes are the same... Another chance to win another divine horse that does the same thing as the rest of them? All I ask is for a little more creativity on the part of the howrse team. After years of playing and tons of time invested they have steadily progressed and gotten better to reach a stagnant point. What do you think? Let me know by leavin
I don't know about you guys but I find this coat+ray combo to be absolutly beautiful! I found it when browsing the sales! Howrse has come such a long way from the 15 original G.A. coats I remember. Its hard to believe I've been playing for almost five years now! For those of you who are more recent, let me just say, version 1, the original, was so different from this! I love the new changes (for the most part).
Now for those goodies I promised! Check back here within the week for some new, helios ray inspired layouts! They will be 100% free and if you find a combo you think should be a layout or you have a horse you would like me to use post here on this blog with a comment! Also, if you like us on Facebook and share your Howrse screen name you can be on the lookout for a special mystery gift! 
                                                                             Until next time Howrsers!
That's right folks; I Kjumper am taking offers on the coveted 5th Element! I only have one so hurry and make offers here by commenting on this blog post or by checking out my E.C.'s forum! I will take e, pass, and possibly the offer of a dragon trade! just give it a go! So please, if you can't or don't want one then at least tell your buddies!

Also, please start liking the site on Facebook and also like the blog posts! Thanks everyone, catch'a lata!
Hello my darling readers!
So as you may or may not have noticed, I haven't done much with the site in the last two months. Well if curiosity has a hold of you as to why this is the case, I'll lettcha in on the secret. COLLEGE. Man, haha its wonderful to say! I started college in August and its left me with little time with all the adjustments. Now that things has settled, I hope to keep it more current for you. So my appologies and metaphorical hugs to ease the pain. I hope you all will continue to support the site and will conitnue to check back!

Until I post again,
Hello Again!

I just wanted to remind everyone to go and vote in the creation space! It is the perfect chance for you to help influence the latest addition to the Golden apple coats, helio's rays, and golden horn companions! On top of the chance to choose the coats and backdrops you see as the best you can also earn up to 1,oooe a day! You can vote on up to 20 sets a day! All you have to do is go to the community link and click the sublink 'creation space'. From there just vote and earn 5oe a go! So hurry up and don't miss out on your chance, the voting ends on August 18th!

Happy Howrsing!
Howrse introduced earlier yesterday its latest promotion: Puzzles! This is a promotion that saw its original use over a year ago with 'secret pages' and such and today requires more interaction and better prizes! With a horn of plenty, 15,oooe, karma, a dragon, and possibly even a balios or 3 elements! This is a great chance to earn free prizes just for playing the game!

Howrse welcomes the newest divine: Sapphire! A recent introduction within weeks of the Ruby making its mark on the game the sapphire was originally the mega prize for the potion promotion. Both the ruby and the sapphire offer the player who owns them a diamond: 10 are exchangable for passes or can be used to add 10 skill points to the divine's skill level, and 1,oooe every other day. All the owner has to do is follow the divine to a players page each day. Next, the Sapphire was a part of a promotion where they were hidden in horn of plenties. Who knows, maybe next we'll meet the Emerald or Diamond itself!
Hey Guys!

For a brief while we have been using an alternative site: www.howrseconnection.weebly.com. Due to the overwhelming response to the change and the continued support for ILAH we have decided to relocate back to here! Thanks for your support and keep conected with: An inside look at Howrse!

Heyyyyyyyy Guyyyyys,

Enough with the over exaggerated spellings and now on to the main point of this here blog post...
As I have been encouraging you all to get involvd with the site, I have failed to provide you with many ways to do so. So, in an effort to correct this issue I am offering two new ways to jump in! 

1. Email Kjumper at ilah.team@live.com
2. Post in Kjumper's e.c. forum on howse
as well as the same old ways to participate
3. Pm a team member today!

So the team and I all hope that these new ways to submit information, articles, questions, and comments will b useful to you! And please, may we again encouage you to participate!

Also, now we are offring the oppotnity for you to all ask the team any howrse or horse related questions! These will be featured in the players blog and can even ask about the team's history with horses and howrse. With any participation we will also be offering a free mystery banner for your howrse page! So please take part!


The usual blogs will resume after this post! Thanks for sticking with us! You are very appreciated!