I don't know about you guys but I find this coat+ray combo to be absolutly beautiful! I found it when browsing the sales! Howrse has come such a long way from the 15 original G.A. coats I remember. Its hard to believe I've been playing for almost five years now! For those of you who are more recent, let me just say, version 1, the original, was so different from this! I love the new changes (for the most part).
Now for those goodies I promised! Check back here within the week for some new, helios ray inspired layouts! They will be 100% free and if you find a combo you think should be a layout or you have a horse you would like me to use post here on this blog with a comment! Also, if you like us on Facebook and share your Howrse screen name you can be on the lookout for a special mystery gift! 
                                                                             Until next time Howrsers!
10/26/2011 03:03:40 am

Wow!!! I think I want to get that! Beautiful. I have a good combo too, her name is Sweet Melody



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