As you all know its Christmas time! I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday season! Also, Howrse has introduced a whole slew of fun holiday specials for you to enjoy! From the advent calender to the reigndeer games (this makes me chuckle everytime I type it) there are tons of ways to get into the holiday spirit on howrse! My personal favorite is the Advent Calender, the prizes have been decent so far, and I am definitely waiting to recieve my gifts for the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth, as I know they will be loads better than everything so far! The background for the game is also super pretty this year! much better than in the past, although I did enjoy last years ufos (adorable candy canes, ornaments, and snowflakes), but I suppose these were too much trouble! With each holiday you are able to see how far the game has come since 2007 version one, and I must say (for all of you who joined the game after these changes were made) it has come light years! Whether or not this has always been a good change, I would have to say overall, it has been magnificent!

So have a Happy and Wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
Much Love,

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