The much anticipated opening of the four new servers on howrse I jumped in and reserved my loggin as soon as I could. You can now find me on both the international and United States versions of the game! So far I found it has some cool features unique to the American version, including some new breeds, which I personally love! My first howrse there is a cute French Trotter named Josie! I have yet to explore as much as is possible but as I find new fun things I will definitely keep everyone posted! Please, if you are on another server and want to share the things that make it unique, please post on this and let me know! Overall, I really think these four new servers will be great for the game and will clear out many players feeling suffocated by the pass purchasing players that have dominated the original server. It will also clean up the insane amount of folks attacking the private sales and bombarding the forums, and for me personally I will be glad to see that people will be able to choose. I am mainly planning on staying with my original version, since I have over 3 years invested in it, but newer players and future add ons will be able to populate the new servers rather than continue the steep growth of the first.

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