Hey guys! Today I want to sidetrack a little from my usual howrse comments & opinions to introduce myself some more! Also I want to invite everyone to really become active in the developement of the site... I understand it may seem wierd posting here on a blog or by pming me but please! We need brave little chickees to help us lol (: even if you have some wacky suggestion for a piece or movie for us we will gladly listen!.... okay now on with my point:

I love chocolate and the color green
I drive a truck (margo the ford f150)
I am terrified of needles and burgalars
I enjoy photography and editing pics on piknic
I'm not really a fan of rap, mexican food, or the telly tubbies
I live in America, the south part
I'm a total sucker for romantic chick flicks
I'm pretty blonde.... *wink, wink*
I want to move to India someday
I want to become a pharmacist/missionary
I am probably the biggest Dr. Who nerd and am in love with chemistry
my favorite music is soft rock and alternative (mellow stuff, ya know what i mean?)
my favorite hobby is sleeping
I love blogging for you guys!

If you guys wanna know more about me just post any questions below and I will answer!

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