Hey guys! I am here today frustrated and tired of the passes on howrse. I have been on since the first month of the game and frankly I am tired of working my fanny off trying to catch up to those with the unfair advantage of deep pockets and high karma. I have only bought passes once on the game and I honestly recieved them as a birthday gift and felt bad about it. I find it unfair that howrse charges so much for a virtual item on a virtual game. Of course, people buy them but i often find that either adults with their own credit cards or children from well off families are the only ones who can easily buy them. It's unfair and gives the wealthier or crazier on the game the edge while people like me have to struggle to make it to the top 200 without buying passes. I may just be upset by it for now but I have lately found myself turned off from the game because of it. So i am offering a petition in the forum on here for those against pass prices and a petition for those against the sales of passes and no other way to really get them! thanks!

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12/23/2011 10:21:08 pm

You are so right. I agree with you in every way. I have 600 Days, and 31 Karma Points, all which I have earnt through NEVER buying passes. But what's this? I've been taken over in the rankings by some IDIOT who has 100 Days, 3 Horses, but 101 Karma because they can afford passes!

The newest deal REALLY ticked me off. "Christmas Surprise!" Basically, buy 30 Passes (£30!) and get a Random Surprise. B.Ms, Equus and Passes. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. Only pass buyers will get it!

Also, buy 100 Passes (£100, who could afford that?!) And get a divine of your choice. As if they don't have enough divines already!

Thank you,

- Emileya (Visit me on Howrse, same username!)


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