Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog! I'm so excited to be sharing this with you all and I'm extremely happy you took some time to check out An Inside Look at Howrse. Haha now down to business I suppose!
     Today I want to talk a bit about popularity and some fun ways to gain it. Popularity is a part of the rankings where the game keeps up with how many people have looked at your profile in one days time. You can get it by having friends check your page or by drawing attention to it in a myriad of ways. Some simple ones are selling horses and posting in the forums. People can easily access your page throught the sale so they can look at other horses or through any of the forums due to interest generated there. Answering peoples questions is a fun and helpful way to participate in the forums! Selling horses and posting info on them in the sales forum also seems to create a lot popularity, that is if people want what your selling. My personal favorite for earning popularity is by congradulating other players. You don't have to go crazy with it, but if someone has really earned it your profile page link will be displaed on their page for others to see, until 5 others congradulate them! People will want to see who else congradulates great players and may congradulate you! So go get involved in the game and socialize if you want to be amongst the games most popular players!

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