Hey everyone! I know its been ages! Honestly I haven't found too much that's interested me with howrse recently. I mean, if you've been on recently you know that Howrse is hosting the lottery, again. It seems everything they do now-a-days is the same old, same old to get pass sales up. They changed it up a little to where people with tons of e can buy more tickets this time, but I don't really hold a position on that aspect. And, of course, the prizes are the same... Another chance to win another divine horse that does the same thing as the rest of them? All I ask is for a little more creativity on the part of the howrse team. After years of playing and tons of time invested they have steadily progressed and gotten better to reach a stagnant point. What do you think? Let me know by leavin
7/2/2012 09:37:19 am

I agree


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