Hey guys! Today I want to sidetrack a little from my usual howrse comments & opinions to introduce myself some more! Also I want to invite everyone to really become active in the developement of the site... I understand it may seem wierd posting here on a blog or by pming me but please! We need brave little chickees to help us lol (: even if you have some wacky suggestion for a piece or movie for us we will gladly listen!.... okay now on with my point:

I love chocolate and the color green
I drive a truck (margo the ford f150)
I am terrified of needles and burgalars
I enjoy photography and editing pics on piknic
I'm not really a fan of rap, mexican food, or the telly tubbies
I live in America, the south part
I'm a total sucker for romantic chick flicks
I'm pretty blonde.... *wink, wink*
I want to move to India someday
I want to become a pharmacist/missionary
I am probably the biggest Dr. Who nerd and am in love with chemistry
my favorite music is soft rock and alternative (mellow stuff, ya know what i mean?)
my favorite hobby is sleeping
I love blogging for you guys!

If you guys wanna know more about me just post any questions below and I will answer!
Dotty is not only the owner of the best golden apple coat collection on the game but also one of the kindest! I have had the pleasure of talking to her on several occasions and she has always been amazingly friendly and polite, which sadly is not always the case with the more involved players. I just wanted to highlight an awesome player and her insane collection. Literally, she has almost every single golden apple coat ever seen on the game, that includes both reitired and active. Not only does she have horses with the coats but a majority of her collection is made of highly skilled and valued horses. So, if you are looking for something fun to do I suggest that you head on over to Dotty's page and be astounded by her enormous herd of golden apple horses, and don't forget to congradulate her for a great game!

If you know an insanely kind and talented player feel free to tell me about them and they may be interviewed for the site! Happy howrsing and have a blessed day! :)